According to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration of the United States, hail is reported to cause damage worth over $1 billion to both crops and property. People do not usually take this into consideration when they think about what could possibly damage their cars. Especially when they travel and leave their cars parked out in the open. Every year, hail reports are reported in North Texas. Each year there are thousands of hail storms that could literally destroy your car.

Hail Damage Prevention

We wanted to share with you a few tips on how you can protect your car from hail this year and for subsequent years to come. Here are 5 tips to prevent hail damage.

  1. Buy a Hail Protector – It works by creating a giant bubble around vehicles and is said to withstand even the most severe hail storms. You can buy this for about $350-450. Some companies also sell car covers which can serve this purpose.
  2. Park under a canopy. Covered parking saves you a lot of money and undue stress. Make sure that your whole car is under the cover at all times.
  3. Use a blanket – It may not be the prettiest solution (unless your blanket is really cool) but it serves the purpose. Make sure to use duct tape around the edges to keep the blanket down – winds that follow the hail are usually very strong. Do this in advance so that you are not caught out in the storm struggling with duct tape and scissors.
  4. Anticipate hail storms – Most times, the weather forecast will be able to give you warnings of possible hail storms coming. Do not wait until the hail is knocking at your window. If you do not have a safe place to park your car, local malls are a great option. Identify a temporary shelter beforehand where you can park your car if you know a storm is coming. Just make sure that they do not have ridiculous parking rates first.
  5. Use your floor mats – If you can see a hail storm brewing and you were not previously prepared. Don’t be alarmed. Place your floor mats on the hood and roof of your car. The may blow away and will not cover the entire car but it’s better than nothing.

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  • I like your tip about using a blanket on your car to prevent hail damage. That seems like a smart way to inexpensively handle a solution. I’ll have to make sure my car is covered up when the next storm rolls in.

  • I like how you suggest parking your car under a covered area when a hail storm happens. My friend told me that he moved to an area where hail storms are normal and he is concerned about getting his property or car damage. I will tell him to make sure he has the proper coverage on his belongings in case he needs to file a claim.

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